How To Sign Up

JIMG-0027New City Farm has several share offerings, from sizes designed for one person to families of four or five.  You may sign up for our summer share, the most popular option, starting on May 31 and going until October 25. You can also extend your season by adding an additional share that provides produce from November 1 to December 13.

Purchasing a share in our farm means you get great local produce, and you help provide employment and job skills training for 12 high school students.  Farm shareholders purchase a share of the farm’s produce for a given year.  As a co-owner in the farm, shareholders take on both the risk and the reward of each unique growing season.  While we aim to provide our shareholders with a 30% discount on their produce compared to natural no-spray (non-certified organic) produce at a local farmer’s market, a good growing season will mean a little more food, and a difficult year will mean a little less.

We harvest and wash all produce except cherry tomatoes, beans, and peas.  We invite members to U-pick these items.  Typically 12 of our 22 pickups will involve U-picks.  Each shareholder is given 3 free “get out of U-pick passes.”  We also offer an unlimited “No Pick Pass” for an additional fee. We also offer a share that provides prepared soups made by the students with our Kitchen Director. Get a soup every week with your share for an additional fee.

Pickup is every Thursday 12:30-6:00pm, May 31 to October 25 at the farm (1226 Union NE, Grand Rapids MI, 49505).

Our main and most popular shares are Summer Shares (May 31 to October 25): 22 WEEK SUMMER SHARES ARE SOLD OUT FOR 2018. Please contact Alaina at or 616-970-4817 to be added to the waiting list. 

22 week Full Share (meant for a family of four): $495 — SOLD OUT  

22 week Half Share (meant for a family of two): $295 —SOLD OUT  

11 week Quarter Share (Half Share every other week): $195 —SOLD OUT  

No Pick Pass Shares (unlimited “no U-pick” option): $545 for Full, $320 for Half, $210 for Quarter


Extend your season with our Winter Shares

Winter Share (seven week full share with prepared soup): $225 November 1 to December 13


Bring home a little extra with our summer Soup Shares

Get a prepared soup every week with your summer share: $150 May 31 to October 25

22 WEEK SUMMER SHARES ARE SOLD OUT FOR 2018. Please contact Alaina at or 616-970-4817 to be added to the waiting list. 

You may sign up by filling out this sheet and sending it with your payment.  

Online forms and credit card payment are available here.  An internet convenience charge of 3 percent has been added to the online price.  Because our EBT customers pay weekly, the online option is not available.