Make an investment in our youth through the Seeds of Growth Campaign!

SOG Collage For WebpageThe seeds of ministry have been planted! We are bearing fruit, but more needs to be done.  New City Neighbors was a small seed planted in the Creston community in the spring of 2007. Since its founding, New City Neighbors has grown and produced fruit by empowering youth to reach their full potential through long term and holistic faith-based programming focused on education, job skills, and relationships.

Your support is essential to creating more opportunities that will empower students to reach their full potential. To date, thanks to the support of many, 78% of the $235,000 goal has been raised!  But your help is needed to reach the finish line and raise the $52,500 still needed.

New City Afterschool began in 2015, the first tangible result of the Seeds of Growth campaign. Our next big step is the launching of New City Cafe, a social enterprise that will create more employment and skill-building opportunities for youth while also providing a gathering place for the community. We expect New City Cafe to be able to follow in the footsteps of New City Farm, becoming a self-sustaining program in five years. Read more about the details and the timeline of the campaign by clicking the tabs above.

The Seeds of Growth Campaign supports new youth programming and employment opportunities while building sustainability through a new social enterprise and increased fundraising capacity.  As we head into our tenth year, we ask you to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider making a financial investment that will plant the seeds for the next ten years of ministry at New City Neighbors.  

Below is an outline of where the funds from the Seeds of Growth Campaign will be used to meet needs at New City Neighbors as we continue to grow in our mission of empowering youth to reach their full potential.

Program Expansion: $145,000

  • Youth Employment – Expand youth employment for New City Farm to year-round, as well as add new youth employment opportunities as a part of New City Afterschool and New City Cafe. ($85,000).
  • Afterschool Program – Supplies and Curriculum ($5,000).
  • Program Director – To establish a new afterschool program and increase capacity for Executive Director to oversee mission and fundraising ($35,000).
  • Farm Staff – Increased capacity of farm staff for production of value added foods ($20,000).

Capital Improvements: $90,000

  •   Updated Kitchen – New refrigerator, freezer, and supplies ($5,000).
  •   New City Cafe – Social enterprise integrating farm and kitchen through value added products, the bakery and the pizza oven ($45,000).
  •   Farm Improvements – New tunnel and tractor attachments ($5,000).
  •   Safe student transportation – New passenger van  ($30,000).
  •   Improved learning environment – Afterschool/Breaktime room A/C & bookshelves ($5,000).

Seeds of Growth Timeline


✓  Launch of New City Afterschool & added Program Director
✓  Year-round youth employment
✓  New City Farm extended growing season & increased value-added products
✓  Kitchen improvements & pizza oven construction completed


  • New City Cafe is built and opens
  • Youth manager positions created for farm and café


  • New passenger van purchased


  • New City Afterschool and Breaktime room updated

Rendering-1Pictured above is a rendered drawing of New City Cafe, a new social enterprise we will launch this summer as part of the Seeds of Growth Campaign. Through the cafe, middle and high school students will learn culinary, baking, restaurant , and customer service skills. Youth staff will serve and prepare farm to table wood-fired pizza, baked goods, soups, and salads in this new community gathering space. We are especially excited about the four new youth manager positions the cafe will create!

The construction and launch of New City Cafe will cost $45,000. This cost covers the construction of a new patio, a pass through window to the kitchen, a new door, an outdoor pavilion and counter for sales, raised beds for landscaping, new kitchen equipment, and patio seating.

If you are ready to make a gift to the Seeds of Growth Campaign:

Mail a check or money order along with this card, or a note letting us know it is a campaign gift to:
New City Neighbors
1226 Union Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Make a gift online via Credit Card or Paypal.

Call Alaina Dobkowski: 616-970-4817 to make a gift over the phone.

Please contact Alaina if you have any questions about giving to the Seeds of Growth Campaign! Phone: 616-970-4817, email:

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