Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Farm Share? A Farm Share, or a CSA share, is a way to support a small scale vegetable farm. When you purchase a share, you become a member of the farm. As a member, you then pickup produce weekly based on the season.

What Size Share Should I get? We have three share sizes: We designed the Full Share for a family of four, the Half for two adults and the Quarter for one adult. A Quarter share pickups up a half share every other week. Each family is different so check out some of our example pickups to decide on the size that best fits your needs!

Food Safety: Your family’s safety is our top priority. We ensure that our employees are trained to follow proper safety protocol so your food is safe. With the new reality of the coronavirus we are being extra careful. We will do a drive-thru CSA pick up until social distancing measures are lifted. We will ensure that sick employees remain home, and we will be applying extra sanitizing measures to our washing procedures. We ask that our customers be extra diligent as well. Please wash your hands after each pick up, and please wash all produce at home a second time before using.  

Three Seasons: We have a 33 week share split into three 11 week seasons: Spring (May 7- July 16), Summer (July 23 – Sept. 24), and Fall (Oct. 1 – Dec. 17). You can join any period you would like. If you have a garden, join us for just the Spring and Fall, if you have a big vacation in the Spring, then join us the other weeks. If you are new to a Farm Share, then start small with just a quarter share to see if it works for you. When you purchase one or more seasons together you save 10%!!!

Pick up is Thursday 12pm-6:30pm Our farm is on the property of 4th Reformed Church at 1226 Union NE Grand Rapids MI, 49505. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate different pick up times.

Choice: Our share pickup is set up like a farmer’s market. You pick up your vegetables according to a weekly list with approximately 8-12 choices. Here is how we think of choice.

U-Pick Items: We harvest and wash all your produce expect for Strawberries, Peas, Beans, and Cherry Tomatoes. When these crops are in season customers have a choice to pick up a smaller pre-picked quantity, or they can U-pick these items to get a larger quantity. For example, one choice for a full share could be: take 2 pints of pre-picked cherry tomatoes or U-pick 2 quarts of cherry tomatoes. 

How we Grow Your Veggies: We grow your food 100% naturally! This means we grow your produce in nutrient dense compost enriched soil,  supplemented with certified organic fertilizers. We manage pests through crop rotation with native plants and if necessary, we apply certified organic pesticides to fight off extra tough pests like Thrips or Potato Beetles. We also do not use GMO seeds, herbicides, synthetic pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. However, we are not certified organic because it keeps our cost lower and eliminates any additional administrative responsibilities.