How To Sign Up

JIMG-0027New City Farm has several share offerings, from sizes designed for one person to families of four or five.

Purchasing a share in our farm means you get great local produce, and you help provide employment and job skills training for 12 high school students.  Farm shareholders purchase a share of the farm’s produce for a given year.  As a co-owner in the farm, shareholders take on both the risk and the reward of each unique growing season.  While we aim to provide our shareholders with a 30% discount on their produce compared to natural no-spray (non-certified organic) produce at a local farmer’s market, a good growing season will mean a little more food, and a difficult year will mean a little less.

Pickup is every Thursday 12:00-6:30pm, May to December at the farm (1226 Union NE, Grand Rapids MI, 49505).