About Us

Our Mission:

We believe it is important to work with our neighbors to restore and develop community. With this in mind, New City Neighbors is committed to:

•Love and serve the youth of our community.

•Lead and participate in urban renewal projects.

•Provide opportunities for neighbors to connect and build relationships.

•Train and support volunteers for community service and relationships.

•Network and build coalitions with other churches, organizations and neighbors.

Our Values:

Biblical Renewal in our Neighborhood: The Bible calls us to seek the holistic restoration of our community in the areas of social justice, education, and family so that all may know spiritual, emotional, economic, and physical health.

Helping people become followers of Jesus: Through spoken word and intentional actions we strive to help people encounter Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the key to true transformation and we believe that as He impacts hearts and minds, the community is impacted at every level.

Service & Empowerment: We work hard to build relationships through our various ministries, knowing that through those relationships we can serve the needs of our neighbors and help them discover their gifts, abilities and worth.  It is through this that we strive to empower people to make powerful changes in their lives through the help of Jesus Christ.