Lance Kraai – Farm Director

Lance has a passion for youth, agriculture and social enterprise. He has run the farm since it launched in 2012, and has been instrumental in impacting the lives of high school students in our community.

Joel Schramm – Kitchen Director

Joel began working at New City Neighbors in the spring of 2015, helping on the farm as well as preparing delicious foods in our kitchen.  He is excited about all the different directions we can take the food we are growing.

Holly Hetherington – Program Director

Holly  joined New City Neighbors in the fall of 2016. She is passionate about education, discipleship, and leadership development, and is excited to do these things through the afterschool and summer programs.

Danah Montgomery – High School and Intern Director

Danah joined New City Neighbors in May 2018 as the High School and Intern Director. She is passionate about community development, youth empowerment, and social justice. Danah loves to be creative and is excited to use that creativity to connect with high school students.