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Step Three: Checkout

Almost there. Checkout in on our online store. Select which 11 week season you would like to subscribe too. Don’t forget to add a Soup Share at checkout for those nights when you don’t have time to chop your farm veggies.

SNAP/EBT Checkout

Select EBT Share if you are a Bridge Card Customer. Because of our partnership with Double Up Food Bucks EBT customers get 50% of their total share price and pay in weekly installments.

We look forward to each week and the wonderful interactions, the quality of our veggies, and the abundant life that shines out from New City Farm. We are proud to be shareholders in this awesome organization.

The Kirkbrides

Farm Shareholders

Very convient – and a great location. We love the community aspect and doing good for the earth. The friendly employees make you feel welcomed and like you have a real realationship with your food and the farmer.

The Britons

Farm Shareholders

I would 100% recommend getting at least one season of veggies from the farm share. It is 1000% worth getting the fresh veggies on a weekly or biweekly basis and it is super cool to get to pick some of them if you want. 

William Turkovich

Local Guide