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Volunteer and Employment for Youth and Adults

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The best way to stay connected to our work is to create your own NCN account. Once you have an account you can sign up for events, volunteer projects, manage your contact information, email subscriptions, see your donation history and more! If you have previously received emails from New City Neighbors, purchased a share, or donated to NCN you will likely already have an account. Create or reset your password here. If this is your first time visiting then create a new account here or by selecting “Login” on our menu. After you have an account be sure to login when registering or donating so your information stays accurate. If you have any questions or technical issues our Director of Administration, Sierra West, is happy to help.

Youth Employment

New City Neighbors provides employment opportunities to high-school-age youth. Our youth employment opportunities provide job, life, career, and leadership skills. Here, not only will youth earn a paycheck, but they will find learning and community. 

Opportunities include:

  • Farm Experience
  • Kitchen Experience
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Career Readiness
  • Anti-Racism Team
  • Marketing Experience
  • Spiritual Development
  • Customer Service Experience

Farm Apprenticeships

Our Farm Apprentice Program provides hands-on training in small-scale intensive vegetable production for interested beginning urban farmers in the Grand Rapids area. The program is designed for, but not limited to, young adults (18-25). This program is partially funded through a USDA urban agriculture initiative that gives program priority to historically underserved producers. While all positions have been filled for the 2024 season, you may still apply so we can reach out when openings become available.

farm volunteer


Adults 18 and older that are interested in joining our team should fill out this employment application. We typically post and take on new adult employees in the early Spring. After completing the application, we will get back to you when and if a position becomes available to set up an interview. 

farm volunteer


New City Neighbors has various volunteer opportunities including farm volunteer days, helping with fundraising mailings, and assisting with events. Create a NCN account and login to your constituent portal to sign up. If you are interested in consistently volunteering complete this form so we know what your interests are and we will seek to get you plugged in as opportunities become available. 

farm volunteer


New City Neighbors offers flexible internships to adult students looking to get involved in community development, farming or faith formation. Internships are typically unpaid but we will work with any school so interns are able to fulfill their program requirements.

Opportunities include:

  • Intensive Vegetable Production
  • Urban Farming
  • Food Justice
  • Faith Formation
  • Non-profit Administration
  • Grant Writing

Become a Board Member

We are always looking to add to our volunteer Board of Directors. We value a diverse set of skills and life experiences, a commitment to our mission and values, and familiarity with the Creston neighborhood of Grand Rapids. To get involved please complete the form below and our Executive Director, Ricardo Tavarez, will be in touch. For related questions contact Ricardo at

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