Meeting the man behind the soup: Joel!
By: Riley Box

This week our highlighted staff member is Joel! Many of our shareholders know Joel for his renowned soups (yum!) and his work in the cafe. Joel is the kitchen director at New City Neighbors. Joel joined New City Neighbors four years ago when the farm wanted to expand and venture into adding some cooking. Joel had the knowledge and background in both farming and cooking, so it was a perfect match! Joel enjoys working in the kitchen, because he focuses on the ingredients he has and tries to make the most out of them in each dish. Joel mentioned in the interview, “My favorite thing about farming is seeing the variety and seeing plant food at its best.” Joel really dislikes that each season is different, and you can’t control the outcome, so not everything always goes as hoped. Joel is very excited as the new farm crew begins to work, and is looking forward to the cafe opening this week (open on Thursdays, starting June 28, 12:00-6:30pm). Come and check out the amazing soups, salads, brick-oven pizzas, and more that Joel and his team will make all summer long!

Fun Facts About Joel

What is your favorite vegetable?
Joel tends to like cabbage and Celeriac, because they are an underappreciated vegetable but really versatile. Joel’s soup is so good, because he uses the more underappreciated veggies to add a unique flavor.

What should shareholders look forward to in the Cafe?
“Shareholders should look forward to engaging with our students in a different way, in a more service industry way. We expect the shareholders to do a lot of their own cooking, so this is a chance for us to cook for them.”

What are some of your goals for the future?
Joel would like to open a small bed and breakfast, maybe in Michigan. He would have a garden, and use the produce to cook for his customers.

What are some of your hobbies?
Joel enjoys playing strategy games, reading books, and watching movies.