Every Monday afternoon we have a challenge for the students to compete in. Students make cookies, bars, or other items and compete to see who’s item will end up in the Bakery.

This past Monday we did things a little different. Students formed teams of two, and each team was given a basic cookie dough recipe. The first challenge was to make the cookie unique using only things they could find in the kitchen. The second challenge was to overcome sabotages from other teams.

Each team was given 400 points which they could use, auction style, to purchase a sabotage. Once they purchased the sabotage, they could give it to any other team they wanted, and that team had to suffer through the added challenge. The results were hilarious. As you’ll see from the pictures below, one team had to work with boxes on their dominate hands, one team ended up with no recipe, another team had no measuring devices, another team had to make all mixing devices from aluminum foil, and finally, a team had to mix all their ingredients in a muffin tin.

I was nervous about the quality of the cookies, but as it turned out, they were all pretty good. The kids were very inventive with ingredients and produced some nice cookies, which we’ll never be able to duplicate.

The best part of the whole challenge was that they kids had fun, while learning how to work with obstacles. The cutthroat challenge was one of the best afternoons in the bakery that I’ve ever experienced.