Hello everyone, it’s me Avrey. You may remember reading some of my previous blog posts from a few summers ago, back when I worked in the Breaktime Bakery. Working in the Bakery was a lot of fun but it wasn’t long before I had grown too old and I had to leave. Luckily for me, the farm was what felt like the next step in my journey with New City Neighbors. Saying goodbye to the Bakery was tough, but saying hello to the Farm seemed a little bit more difficult. Just like my first year in the Bakery, when I started on the farm everything was new to me. I was placed in a new environment where it was ok to get dirty and you didn’t have to work in a small place surrounded by a lot of people that are just as confused as you. While I did see some new faces on the farm, I also saw some old. Working with friends I have known for years on the farm had only made my transition from baking cookies to pulling weeds much much easier. While I am sad that I probably won’t put an apron on and bake for the wonderful people of this community, I am very happy that I get to try something new. After only one week on the farm, I have already learned so much about harvesting plants and preparing produce. I can’t wait for what the next weeks have in store for me.