Lately I’ve been wondering about many things.

I wonder why KitchenAid keeps tempting me by making bigger mixers. A 7 quart mixer? Really?

I wonder why micro-fibre, which is supposed to be easy to clean, is so hard to clean.

I wonder why my kids like to fight in the morning over the bathroom. And I wonder how much worse it will be when they’re teenagers.

I wonder why someone can’t make exhaust systems that don’t rust. And door handles that don’t break. And speakers that don’t rattle.

I wonder why the weather is often crumby on Thursday. Trust me, it has been for about two months. Ask Lance, he’s been picking produce every Thursday since early June.

I wonder where many of my former students are and what they are up to. I’ve seen hundreds of children come through the doors of NCN, and before that Fourth Reformed. So many kids with so much potential, I hope and pray that the seeds of the gospel are taking hold.

I wonder what God is up to with many of the current students I work with. I see evidence of redemption and the fall. When I think of Genesis 3 I don’t think we really understand what we lost in The Fall. We accept too much of how this world is and I wish we had more gospel fight. I guess I wonder why we don’t. Are we scared? Do we lack boldness? Are we apathetic? Maybe we don’t understand what Jesus’ death cost.

Sometimes I wonder why the Holy Spirit doesn’t move quicker to redeem students we work with. I know it grieves God to see them make the choices they do. To see them wander from Him. It grieves me. I long for a serious redemptive movement. I long for relationships restored. I long for the Holy Spirit to descend on EMS, High School, GEMS, my community, and my church in a way that radically changes lives.

I wonder when Christ will return to renew all things. I look forward to that day.

In the mean time I wonder. And I press on in the hope that I have in Christ, and look forward to seeing him change lives, my own included.