Christian (pictured top right) got involved at New City Neighbors as a 5th grader, when his family moved in to a house across the street. For the past two summers he has worked on the farm and this summer he is working as a leader for New City Breaktime, our elementary summer day camp program. Because he has experience working in the kitchen and on the farm, on Thursdays you’ll find him making pizzas in the kitchen for New City Cafe.

Christian learned how to cook new foods while working on the farm. “I didn’t know how to cook soup before, and now I do,” he said. He’s also learned a lot about different types of food and vegetables. “I didn’t know what bok choy was until Lance and Joel told me,” he laughed, “which, I think a lot of people would say the same thing.” His favorite vegetable now? Leeks. The biggest challenge on the farm? The sun on really hot days, and staying focused while working alongside friends.

Working with the elementary students has been a big change, but Christian has been enjoying it. He says, “when the kids are good, life is good. And, when they misbehave, life is still good, life is just a little harder.” He explained that working with the kids is teaching him to be more patient. He loves going on the Friday field trips with the kids. So far they’ve gone to Millenium Park, The Critter Barn, and to Silver Lake (including dune rides!). The NCN staff can attest to the fact that the kids love Christian and connect well with him. He’s doing a great job mentoring and supporting the younger students.

After a busy Grand Opening day at The New City Cafe last week, Christian got up early the next day to help lead the field trip to Silver Lake. When asked how he’s been balancing the two roles- Breaktime and the Cafe, he said he’s doing his best! It’s busy, but also good. He also shared that he just started watching the show Glee, which has helped give him some rest from his job.