You may have seen Julia and Assariyah at the share pick up this summer. They both began working on the farm this past spring. They have been enjoying their work as well as meeting new people and making new friends. We are thankful to have them on our farm staff team, sharing their gifts and skills with our community.

As part of their work this summer, they are leading elementary students in a gardening club! Students who are a part of our New City Breaktime summer program have their own garden plot in the community garden. Julia and Assariyah are using the plot for the gardening club. They hope that students will learn that they can grow their own food, develop healthy habits, get their hands dirty, and enjoy being outside in nature. They both agree that leading gardening club has given them an opportunity to learn new skills. Julia explained that Lance helps them by sharing ideas, but leaves all the planning and preparing for them. “It’s really student-led,” Julia shared and Assariyah agreed, “it’s an opportunity to lead in a way that is like the real world, it’s our responsibility.”

They also agree that working with the younger students is both fun and funny- the kids have a lot of energy and offer you a different perspective on things. “They ask a lot of questions,” Assariyah said, which they both agreed helped them to learn more as they have to be prepared to respond the student’s curiosity. “I was explaining pollination to them this week and I had to figure out a way to explain it that would make sense to kids,” Julia reflected.

When you see Julia or Assariyah at the farm share pick up, or around the farm, stop and ask how their club is going!