• We give praise for an incredible 2014. All of our ministries grew last year, and God used them to impact over 100 children in our community.
  • We give praise as well for our generous donors! For the second straight year we met our budget!!!
  • Volunteers – We are blessed with an incredible group of adults who regularly give their time and energy to love students.
  • Chris (not real name) – This young man attends our High School ministry, and regularly volunteers at 180. He is energetic and unpredictable, but God is working in him in big ways. Last night, Chris volunteered to lead the Bible study in my 180 small group. I was in awe as he took command of the room and led a rowdy group of middle schoolers through scripture. I can’t wait to see what God will do with him next!
  • Mark (not real name) – This young man has had many struggles in life which have led him to think he is an atheist. This past fall, he has regularly been disruptive and challenging. Over the last month, things have begun to change. He is opening his Bible during Bible study, answering questions respectfully, and telling other kids in the room to be quiet so he can listen. God is at work is Mark. Please pray that God would continue to soften his heart and lead him into a relationship with Jesus.


  • We are in need of more men to volunteer with 180. We started the year strong, but due to life changes, have lost a few key leaders. Please pray that God would raise up some godly men to help mentor and disciple kids.
  • Carly & Allie (not real names) – These two sisters recently moved to Grandville. They had been connected with our ministries for the last five years and we’ve seen growth in both of them. Please pray that they would get connected to another church and continue to grow. Pray as well that they would have a good transition to a new home and school.
  • Bree – The young woman attends our High School ministry and has developed solid relationships with the volunteers. Pray that God would use those relationships to soften her heart as she loves to be contrary and push the limits of our patience.
  • Please also pray for wisdom for Lance and I as we start to think about Breaktime, the Bakery, and the Urban Farm. Pray that God would provide us with great staff for Breaktime, and an amazing group of students to work with.