Its Thursday night, late, and to say I’m tired is an understatement.

I should head home after a great night at 180, but too much is on my mind.

Tonight I saw joy on the face of kids who hadn’t show much joy in a while.

Tonight I had another good small group with older boys who couldn’t believe I wanted to hear about their lives.

Tonight I had fun trying to talk to some kids in Spanish and they seemed perplexed that I would try to learn their language.

Tonight I saw my volunteers playing games with kids, having deep conversations about Old Testament animal sacrifice (not part of the lesson), and creating lifelong memories.

Tonight I was thrilled to see a growing number of kids take part in singing. Not only that, but kids actually helped lead the singing.


Tonight I saw hope everywhere I looked. Hope.

Typically by mid-March I find myself counting down the days to the end of our school year ministries. Tonight I find myself wishing we had more than two months to go.