Here are some 2020 Farm Updates!

Below are the results of the survey completed by 2019 Shareholders:
1. Most shareholders would like a little more beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, beans, peas, spinach, parsnips and herbs. Each season is different and last year we had some difficulty with these crops. We have some plans for each so hopefully you will see a little more of these items in your share this season.
2. Most of you would like a little less bok choy, fennel, kohlrabi, onions and garlic. We plan to grow a little less of all of these items.
Some staffing Updates:
We will be making some changes to our staff which should result in better service for our shareholders. First, we are excited because we have hired a new Executive Director, Ricardo Tavarez, here is a link to his bio.
Second, our Farm Director, Lance Kraai, will shift his role slightly to Social Enterprise Director. This will let Lance focus more on the overall management and administration of the farm and cafe so that communication, customer service and team management improve. We will be hiring a new full time Farm Coordinator who Lance will onboard through the season. They will handle daily farm operations.
Youth Programming Updates:
We are excited to improve our youth programming this year. Ayanfe Jamison, who many of you likely met last year, will change her role to Farm-to-Table Educator. This will let her focus on teaching farm-to-table skills to all of NCN’s elementary-high school youth. In addition, Ricardo will be teaching our youth employees about Christian Community Development principles and financial management. We are excited for a more robust youth development program focused on food, faith and job readiness. NCN’s youth are the reason the farm exists and we appreciate your support!