Seeds of Growth 01

Dear Friends,

A teacher at Kent Hills Elementary School noticed that William was doing really well in school this year, showing improvement in both his grades and behavior. She pulled him aside to encourage him and asked, “What is different this year?  What helped you change?” He answered, “I started going to this after-school program, where they help me with homework and help me manage my anger.”  Since the day William started at New City Afterschool, we have believed in him, and he’s doing the work to reach his full potential. Currently a fifth grader, William looks forward to being in the bakery program and a part of New City Cafe this summer. We look forward to being a part of his continued growth and learning.

Your support is essential to creating more opportunities that will empower students to reach their full potential.  Visit our website which outlines the details of the Seeds of Growth Campaign. To date, thanks to the support of many, 66% of the $235,000 goal has been raised!  But your help is needed to reach the finish line and raise the $81,000 still needed.

New City Afterschool began in 2015, the first tangible result of the Seeds of Growth campaign. Our next big step is the launching of New City Cafe, a social enterprise that will create more employment and skill-building opportunities for youth while also providing a gathering place for the community. We expect New City Cafe to be able to follow in the footsteps of New City Farm, becoming a self-sustaining program in five years. The campaign also includes the purchase of a new van, allowing us to increase the number of students we serve.

In April we will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of New City Neighbors in the Creston neighborhood. The “seeds” have been planted and continue to grow and bear fruit, impacting our young people as they grow in faith and leadership.  Now it is time for more to be done.  We are asking you to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider extending beyond your typical giving to make a special gift or pledge to the Seeds of Growth campaign.  Check out the details on our website, along with some fun gifts that come with your investment! Watch our blog and Facebook page over the next few months as we celebrate and share stories of growth and excitement from the New City Neighbors community.

Thank you, in advance, for your gracious support and consideration as we partner to impact the lives of youth.

With gratitude,

Alaina Dobkowski