New City Farm’s Current Coronoavirus Plan:
We are viewing the farm as an essential service and we plan to grow as much food as we can this season. Fresh, local and nutritious food feels all the more important in these uncertain times. We still have shares available online at Please sign up as soon as possible, as we have seen a surge in demand as people are trying to insure their families have access to fresh produce. We have made the following changes to the share to increase safety, affordability and access. We have also created a partnership with the NECM food pantry to donate shares to them.
1. Drive-thru Pick Up: We will be doing a drive-thru pick up until social distancing measures are lifted. When we email our weekly pickup options you will be given a link to an online form so that you can preorder your share so it is ready for pick up when you arrive. You can also arrive and fill out a paper order form and we will prepare your share as you wait. We will bring your share to you in your car in a black crate, but we ask that you bag the share at pick up and leave the crate with us.
2. Extra Food Safety: All employees working on the farm are maintaining a 6ft. distance from other employees. All meetings our now happening remotely. All sick employees are being asked to remain home. We are washing and sanitizing all surfaces, and we will have employees that handle washed produce wear plastic gloves.
3. Affordability: As a reminder, we accept EBT payment for all of our shares. EBT holders pay weekly and get 50% off. In addition, we extend a 10% discount to customers who pay for multiple shares in advance, but we are willing to extend this discount to anyone who needs it. I.e. if you purchase a Spring share at full price, we will give you 10% off when your purchase a summer or fall share later, whether you paid in advance or not. Contact Lance Kraai at if you need us to make special payment plan arrangements.
4. Youth Employment: Sadly, our youth employment program is currently suspended. Our policy is to follow GRPS closings.
5. Donate a Share: We are partnering with the NECM Food Pantry. They are struggling to locate fresh produce because grocery stores do not have excess product at this time. If you have what you need consider donating a share to a neighbor. You can donate a share here.
Let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.