Meet Erica: Day Camp Leader

By: Riley Box

Erica Moore is one of our leaders for Day Camp this summer. Erica is going to be a junior this upcoming school year, and is excited for getting back into the swing of the classroom setting. She loved taking chemistry, and doing hands on labs instead of tests. She started working at New City Neighbors in October, and has really learned a lot from the experience of working with kids every day. Erica goes on to say, “I learned how to have more patience, and it really helps my patience, and learn self-control and how to cope.” Erica was the employee of the week last week, and continues to impress us each week with each new week in her positive interactions with the day campers.

Fun Facts about Erica:

Superpower she would have: “To read Minds, I just like to know what people are thinking.”

Favorite part about working: “I feel like I’m learning something new every day, and how to interact with the kids.”

Favorite Day Camp Activities: “When we took the kids to Briggs Park and played Skittle Skattle Battle.”

Hobbies: Exercise with my mom every morning.

Future Plans: Upward Bound club

Favorite TV show: “The Flash”