Interviewing Our Employee of the Week: Luis Rios-Sosa 

By: Emma Vanderkolk

Our employee of the week is Luis Rios-Sosa. Each week we highlight one of our high-school staff members that has been going above and beyond expectations in the workplace. Managers from the farm, day camp, cafe, and bakery will nominate students each week that they feel are deserving of the title. This week Luis was not only nominated by his farm managers, but also by day camp and bakery managers. The day camp managers noted that Luis is very intentional when talking to the kids during lunch time, this shows that he always goes above and beyond because he interacts with students that are not even in his program! All of the managers noted how respectful Luis is when engaging with other staff and work on the farm.

Fun facts about Luis!

Luis is a rising junior at Wellspring Preparatory and is a first-year farm staff. He heard about the farm from his friends who are second-year students.

Luis favorite thing about working on the farm is getting to learn about how different vegetables grow and their specific needs to grow best in. But his least favorite thing is when dirt gets jammed under his nails because, in his words, “it just hurts”.

Potatoes are Luis’ favorite vegetable to work with and harvest because they are “quick and easy”. He prefers to snack on the cherry tomatoes because he likes how sweet they are.

Tuesday lunches on the farm is something that Luis looks forward to each week. His favorite was Joel’s chicken and fennel soup from the first week. He also loves to order pizza from the cafe on Thursdays. His favorite so far has been the Sunny Sausage pizza with the black forest sausage.

Luis favorite celebrity is the late Chalino Sánchez, a mexican singer and writer. He is best known for his narcocorrido recordings from 1987 to 1992.

If Luis could have one superpower, he would like to have the ability to read minds so he can “know who’s real and who’s not”.

Feel free to say hello and congratulate Luis at CSA Pickup or at the Cafe! We are very excited to have him working with us.