Meet our Marketing Team: Riley Box 

By Danah Montgomery

This summer, we are working to integrate our high school staff into our marketing team. High school staff will help explore creative ways to improve our marketing, help out with photography, write blog posts weekly for our weekly CSA newsletters, and work to highlight staff members throughout the summer. This week, we would like to introduce one of our high school staff members actively involved in the marketing team: Riley Box. From early on, Riley showed interest in being part of our marketing team. She comes with experience in marketing from being a part of yearbook club at her school, City High School, and a passion for writing. Riley is in 10th grade at City High School going into 11th grade.

Our High School Director, Danah Montgomery, took some time to interview Riley and hear more about her passions and what makes her unique. When asked about what she likes to do for fun, Riley immediately talked about sewing and fashion. She was recently in a fashion show at the art museum to showcase some of those skills. Family is also an important part of Riley’s life. While being interviewed, her parents came up in the conversation multiple times. Riley talked about her parents as her heroes, saying, “I kinda like to follow in their footsteps, I do things that they inspire me to do. For example, my mom got me into sewing, and my dad got me into collecting comic books”.

Riley recently wrote a blog post about our Farm Director, Lance. When asked about writing that post, Riley said, “This feels more like reporting when I interview people. I really loved getting to know about Lance and learning new things about him. We don’t get to learn all of that working with him on the farm”. Although Riley has been working as a farm after-school staff member since February, this marks Riley’s first summer with New City Neighbors. Riley is excited about learning new things and getting more customer interaction this summer through experiences with clubs, the farm, and the Cafe. Riley says, “The variety is what I like about this job. I don’t necessarily like being tied down to one thing. I am also excited to get more customer interaction. I really love being around people”.

We are so excited to have Riley be a part of our marketing team! We know that she will make amazing contributions this summer.

Fun Facts about Riley

Her Favorite Food on the Farm: “Lettuce, because it looks so cute and tiny. I didn’t know it was so cute. Seeing tiny vegetables is adorable”.

Favorite Restaurant: “Charley’s Crab, they have amazing crab! Seafood isn’t always something I have every day, so it is fun to go there on special occasions”.

Where she sees herself in 5 years: “In college, pursuing a degree in psychology or social work and on track to a master’s degree”.

If she could have any superpower, it would be…: “To teleport because me and Joden have to walk to work, and we get tired of that. Also, then I wouldn’t have to take my driver’s test”.