I love the fact that New City Neighbors integrates the gospel in every part of its programming. Our relationship with God through Jesus, and how that’s to be lived every day, is a key part of everything at NCN. New City Neighbors shows how theology is to be lived, not just believed.

New City Neighbors has allowed me to see what real involvement with people, where they live, looks like in a core-city, neighborhood environment. It has shown me what it looks like when followers of Jesus take seriously their call to “make disciples.” New City Neighbors is the real deal!

I am more than excited about the future of NCN and its ongoing efforts to engage people where they live. New City Neighbors is continually looking for ways to grow and expand the kingdom of God in the Creston neighborhood. NCN is serious about reaching people in ways that meet them where they are.

Doug has served on the New City Neighbors Board for the past six years, ending his second term this past Monday.  We thank him for his commitment to our ministry and for sharing his gift and time with us!  He has played a role in helping us grow our ministries over the years, and we are thankful for his excitement for the future of our ministry together!

To find out how to support New City Neighbor’s Growth, visit our Seeds of Growth Campaign and learn more!