Today is finally Thanksgiving. My family generally goes to church on Thanksgiving and it easily one of my favorite services. We get to gather with a community of believers and worship God, the giver of all good things. At my church we take time on Thanksgiving to pass the mic and invite people to share reasons they are thankful. I am delighted to hear all the ways God is working in the lives of people I know. The Thanksgiving service always gives me hope because it reminds me that God is on the move, he is reclaiming lives, and transforming families.

I know that one of the ways God works most mightily is through prayer. Prayer keeps me grounded because it reminds me that God is ultimately in control, and not me.

There are many of you who are serious prayer warriors for NCN. I love that many of you ask me about specific children and look for ways to pray for them. I know that others of you are praying for the children, volunteers, donors, and me on a regular basis, and trust me, we can feel it. I firmly believe that God answered specific prayers when he led two children to himself at our last 180.

Thank you for storming the throne of God in prayer on a regular basis. Thank you for lifting up the children of our community and asking God to work in their lives. Thank you for being a part of our ministry in such a profound way.

Prayer warriors can often get overlooked, but I know for a fact that you are making a difference. Thank you for remembering us in your prayer. Thank you for imploring God to change lives. Keep praying! We look forward to sharing many more answered prayers with you.