Today, as the wind howl’s outside, and I should be doing other things, I’m feeling reflective. If you’ve been reading this blog, then you know that this fall has brought about a number of changes at New City Neighbors including hiring Alaina to be our program director, starting New City Afterschool, and also creating a more robust school year employment program for High School Students. There is so much good happening, I want to share it with you.



A week ago today, we had our New City Fall Auction. This year we invited the high school employees to participate in the planning of the auction, and paid them to help at the event. They took their jobs seriously and did an incredible job designing center pieces, picking photos, and planning the menu. They also rose to the challenge at the auction and greeted guests, served food, helped with key components of the night, and generally helped make everyone feel welcomed. Their involvement, combined with the great staff of New City Neighbors, made this auction the best for me personally. I saw a wonderful team of people work together to make a great night happen for our guests!

The auction was also a success as we had 125 bidders, a record number. We saw a number of people get connected to NCN for the first time and we know that God will bless these new partnerships.


New City Afterschool

We’ve posted a few blogs about this new ministry and we are thrilled with what God is already doing at New City Afterschool. We have new kids joining us every week, we’re seeing kids make progress in the school work, we’re seeing kids challenged in their faith, and we’re building relationships with children and families in our community.

Just this week we made a change to the ministry to better meet the needs of middle school students. We’re slowly introducing our middle school crew to baking, and in fact, today will be our first day really working in the kitchen. Its possible we’ll have baked goods for sale at some point, but I really hope that God will use our time together in the kitchen to show each student they are capable of making something great and that they have the ability to make a positive difference in the world.


High School Employment

This is really new for us as a ministry. We’ve employed students during the summer, but typically don’t focus on that during the school year. This year we have five farm employees working wit Joel and Lance, and five student employees working with Alaina in New City Afterschool. The students are thrilled to have a job, but this is not just any job.

We are already working to teach students valuable life skills related to money. As we do this, we’re leaning on the teachings of Jesus to help students see that God cares about money and how we use it. The students have been pushed in a really good way. Soon we’ll begin focusing on leadership and working to help students see how they are all leaders, and how their gifts/abilities can be used for good.

The group of students we have is more diverse than we ever imagined and the conversations we have are lively to say the least. In the context of this diversity though, students are learning how to lovingly communicate with each other, respect different opinions, and still work together.



This fall we’ve been blessed by the number of volunteers and supporters who have shown up to bless New City Neighbors.

Thank you for loving and tutoring students!

Thank you for helping students learn about Jesus!

Thank you for leading clubs that expose students to new skills!

Thank you for driving the van and giving kids a ride home!

Thank you for donating snacks!

Thank you for donating items to the auction!

Thank you for coming to the auction and supporting NCN financially!

Thank you for blessing the staff and children of NCN!