The Bakery is already halfway over! Those are not celebratory words, but more words of shock. It always amazes me how fast the summer flies by. We’ve had some really great moments so far, and some other ones that have been great for teaching.

At this point in the summer, I generally hope we’re beyond simple baking mistakes, like not reading the recipe, or using the closest cup to measure ingredients. This summer we’re not. Just last week a student used two cups of yeast, instead of two tablespoons, to make some cinnamon rolls. He learned a valuable lesson that day. Overall though, the kids are doing well, learning a lot, and putting in some good effort.

I thought we’d celebrate the halfway point by sharing some quotes from various students.

“I like when we get up and get to work, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like work at all.” – Kenyon

“My favorite part is baking, it is FANTASTIC!” – Tina

“I’m learning about God, and other stuff like baking. Our baked goods are good!” – Jajuan

“I get to learn how to bake new things and how to work with new people.” – Avery

“I learned how to work as a team and thats how you get the job done.” – Abbie

“I learned how to use cool machinery and I think the bake ring is AWESOME!” – Jonathan

Keep praying for us as we complete the next three weeks. Pray that students really would be impacted, and that God would grab hold of their hearts!