Meet Farm Managers Anthony & Jajuan
By Joden Robinson, Farm CSA Manager

Recently the farm program promoted 4 new youth managers. Two of these new managers are Jajuan Woods and Anthony Gibson. Jajuan is the the new Field Manager and Anthony is the new Harvesting manager. Anthony and Jajuan truly excelled in these areas. Both of them described a day in their job as working hard. Jajuan says if you are used to it, then the work isn’t that bad, but being a manager does come with more tasks and responsibility.

Fun Facts About Anthony

  • Anthony attends Wellspring Preparatory and is going into his Junior year
  • His favorite vegetable is broccoli and his favorite celebrity is Eva Mendes
  • His favorite thing about the farm is seeing all of the hard work pay off and everything come together after a long day of work. On the other hand, his least favorite thing on the farm is the task of weeding.

Fun Facts About Jajuan

  • This is Jajuan’s second year on the farm and he’s learned how to work well in a team and how to be a better leader, which is what led him to becoming a manager.
  • His favorite thing about the farm is that it’s outdoors and you get your own space to work and think. His least favorite is working in the tunnels when it’s hot outside
  • Jajuan is looking forward to working more as a manager because it’s his first manager position and he will be able to use this experience in the future.
  • Jajuan, like many of our shareholders, likes to go to the cafe: his favorite treat is a peanut butter cookie!