Bakery Logo JPEGNew City Neighbors is proud to introduce to you our Bakery Director for the summer, Avrey Smith!  As you’ll read below, Avrey has been a huge part of New City Neighbors for a number of years and we are thrilled that he will be leading New City Bakery this summer.  You may have noticed that the bakery name has changed from Breaktime Bakery to New City Bakery, this change has been made to better align with our other programs at New City Neighbors.

What is New City Bakery? Our bakery is a unique youth entrepreneurship program for middle school students. We serve delicious baked goods that include a variety of cookies, bars, scones, breads and cheesecakes.  You can learn more about New City Bakery on our website!  We will be opening for the summer on Monday, June 20th.

Avrey has taken some time to answer a few questions below:

What grade are you in?  I will be a High School Junior next fall.FullSizeRender

What are some of your favorite hobbies/extracurricular activities?  For hobbies some of my favorite things to do are to hang out with my friends anywhere and everywhere- whether it being going to the movies or a bonfire or taking part in YoungLife

When did you first get connected to New City Neighbors? How have you been involved since? I first got connected to New City Neighbors when I was going into 3rd grade. My older brothers Christian and Cameron were connected to New City Neighbors through Breaktime so that was where I started too. After being with Breaktime up until 6th grade, I took the next step and joined the Bakery. I learned a multitude of skills and abilities working in the bakery for the next 4 years (the fourth year I was a LIT or leader in training). Eventually the time came where I couldn’t stay in the bakery anymore because I had gotten too old and I made the ideal next step and joined the New City Urban Farm. I worked at the farm for one summer only, but by working there I sharpened my customer service skills and gained more experience working in a different environment.

What is one thing you’ve learned as a result of working in the Bakery in the past? If I had to think of one thing that I’ve learned it would definitely have to be how to serve customers and be respectful to them.

What is your favorite memory from working in the Bakery?  My favorite memory from the bakery would have to be my first couple of weeks working there and wanting to eat what we were making and lick the spoons so bad (don’t worry, we weren’t allowed to). Working in the food business was so new to me and everything we were making was so delicious looking.

When you think about New City Bakery this summer, what makes you the most excited? The one thing that I’m most excited for is the positive impact I will have on the lives of the bakers. I know how the bakery has impacted my life greatly in both job skills and spiritually. I learned more about God and in general more about myself.

What is your favorite bakery item? If I had a favorite bakery item it would most definitely be the classic chocolate chip cookies. I just love the simplicity and taste of them and the sweetness of the chocolate chips.

Make sure you stay tuned to see how you can get some of those delicious chocolate chip cookies and more!  More information and details are to come, but mark your calendars-  New City Bakery will be opening on Monday, June 20th.