Last night we covered the Christmas story at EMS. I actually had a great small group and we had a good conversation about the birth of Jesus. However, the conversation was not without some confusion. After reading the story in Luke, I asked some follow up questions to see if they were tracking. Here are two of the best responses:

Why did Mary & Joseph go to Bethlehem? One boy answered emphatically, “to free the slaves.”

Who were the first people to hear about the birth of Jesus? I was looking for “Shepherds” and instead got, “Mary and Joseph.”

While bringing kids home from EMS, one girl, after seeing all the great Christmas lights said, “Man, the Hood has all the lights.” I didn’t hear her well so I said, “What did you say?” to which she responded, “The hood has all the lights. You know the hood, the ghetto, where people eat cereal with a fork.”

The bottom line, I love these kids.