For the last two months, the High School ministry at New City Neighbors has been wrestling with the Ten Commandments. We’re on a mission to examine why God provided these rules, and why they might still be relevant for us today.
The first four commandments were more abstract to discuss because they deal with who God is, and why he wants to have a relationship with his people. Since some of our students don’t totally believe in God, these were challenging lessons to wrestle with. The last six commandments have been equally challenging, but for a different reason.
The last six are practical and Jesus elaborates on them in great ways. Lust, lying, stealing, false witness, jealousy, and parent honoring are all things anyone can relate too. The problem is, the way God talks about these things is contrary to culture. We’ve had some great discussions, and some not great discussions as we try to unpack “The Ten.” What I hope students understand through this series is that God is not a cosmic joy killer who’s only goal is to ruin fun, but that he is instead a loving Father, who cares about his children, and wants them to experience all the joy possible.
When you pack 24 high school students into a room, you get an interesting buffet of beliefs. There are students who are passionate about Jesus, and know scripture. There are apathetic students who know about God, but have a lukewarm relationship with him at best. There are students who have no relationship with God, but are exploring. And there are students who have rejected God, but come because of friends. If you were a fly on the wall this past week, you might not know who is who, but maybe thats the point. We’re all on a journey of faith towards Christ, or away from him. Through “The Ten” we’re getting a glimpse at who God is, and why he sets up rules for us to live by. We’re also seeing its impossible to follow those rules, which makes the life and sacrifice of Jesus all the more grand.
Join me in praying for these students. Pray that God would speak to them. Pray that God would use them to bring about his kingdom. Pray that me, and the other volunteers would have the ability to walk with them on their journey of faith, and lead them to the risen savior.