My name is Rileigh Haan and I am the manager of customer service at New City Urban Farm, and this is my second year working here. Some exciting things have been happening on the farm as well as doing our normal work. Today we started the morning off by weeding and picking some peas. This week part of our share is peas and beans. We usually have the shareholders pick their own, but we give them a couple free passes so we have to pick peas and beans in case they aren’t able to pick their own or if they don’t want to. Weeding is probably the one thing we do every single day, and that’s because they pop up out of nowhere! The pests need to go before they take away from our crop growth or overflow and make our farm look messy. Although weeding isn’t the most fun, we grow to love it and also grow to become faster and more efficient while getting the job done. One very exciting new addition to the farm is bees! We won’t have very much honey for a while, so we will sell what we do have at our auction in the fall. For lunch we had carrot puree soup, salad, and bread. On Tuesdays, students help Joel in the kitchen to prepare lunch for Wednesday and we also sell the soup on Thursdays. I usually spend Wednesdays getting advertising for the farm out and writing newsletters for the shareholders. This job has taught me a lot about customer service and running a small business. It’s very enjoyable and my peers and boss’ are very kind and we all get along really well. On Thursdays I run the share pickup and will occasionally run the farm stand. It’s been a great summer so far and I can’t wait to spend the rest here at the farm!